All materials are procured with the manufacturers test certificate and tested to confirm the chemical / metallurgical properties including hardness. Most commonly processed materials are 20MnCr5 (AISI 5120), 16MnCr5, 35CrMn5, 16CrNi4 (AISI 3115), 19CrNi5, 18NiCrMo5 (8620H or 4320H), SAE 4140, 32CrMo4, EN43BCr, Fe 510D, C 1045, S45C8, S45C, Medium or Low Carbon Steel, SS304, SS316, Stainless Steel etc.

The Drop Hammer Lines are equipped with necessary quality control equipment and stage inspection as per Control Plan is carried out at regular intervals.

We are highly conscious of the critical areas where our products are used. Thus, our quality control works inseparably with our production unit and is responsible for product quality. We have a central documentation cell to record the history of each product, along with evidential test results, stage inspection reports, manufacturer's test certificates which are compiled into a data book.

We have a fully equipped chemical testing lab for carrying out accurate quantitative analysis of common elements like C, Mn, Si, S, P, Cr, Ni, Mo etc. Mechanical Properties like Tensile Strength, Yield Strength, Reduction of Area, % Elongation, Charpy Test is also provided for individual heat from qualified independent laboratories.

Crack Detection/NDT of individual forging is carried out by Magnetic Crack detection machine, where specified by the customer. Ultrasonic testing if required, can be provided from a third party lab.


As per the quality norms, raw material is fully tested for surface and internal cracks at the company in house metallurgical and chemical laboratory which includes BHN Hardness Testers, Tensile Testing Carbon Sulphur Apparatus, Jomiy Test Apparatus, Micro Structure etc.
After the laboratory gives O.K. status colour coding is done on each and every bar as per established colour codes and material is passed to the cutting department. Cutting of the material is done through Heavy Presses, Hacksaws and Billet Shearing machine (5'') capacity.

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