Forge Shop


Our Forge Shop is equipped with Friction Drop Hammers, Furnaces with Automatic Temperature Controllers, Mechanical Press, Band Saw (Fully Automatic/ Bundle feeding) and Oil Fired normalising Furnace.

Tool room

The modern tool room is equipped with latest EDM Machines ( Die sinking machine) and other allied machinery like Conventional Milling Machines, Turning Machines, Slotting Machines, Plano Millers, Shapers, Grinding Machines etc.

Die shop

Extreme attention is given to the die designing and necessary softwares are used in the CAD system to arrive at the best conclusion.
For proper dimensions each time and for timely deliveries electronic discharge machine (Electronica FM-15) has been installed in the tool room along with the Planner, Radial Drill, Shapers, Milling etc.

 Physical testing facility

In-house Physical testing facilities ensures that each product is well tested at various stages of production right from the procurement of raw material to dispatch. The department is preparing all Quality Assurance Plans, issue directions, prepares gauges and maintains the data as required by the product. The department is independent department and in additional to the quality control levels at various production stages by the production people. The department also stores all the necessary national & International Standards for reference & records.

 Inspection Equipments

We have the following facilities to carry out the Physical testing successfully - Hardness Testers Brinell - Hardness Testers Vickers, Microscopes for macro & microstructures, Weld Test facilities as per DIN 287, Tensile Testing Fixture, Chemical Testing Facility for steel elements, Jominy Appartus.

Heat Treatment Normalizing Annealing

As the company is a supplier of forgings to O.E.M. companies in different parts of India, arrangements have been made for Normalizing, Annealing and ISO thermal annealing using state of the art equipments.

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